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Make your water cooled computer stand out with these Pre-Mixed Ultraviolet Reactive Coolants. It couldn’t get simpler or more precise! Simply add the contents of the 1.5 oz. bottle to a 1 gallon jug of distilled water ($.80 at any food store) and you have 1 gallon of pre mixed coolant. Plenty for several refills or another pc. Unlimited shelf life. Comes pre -mixed with precisely the right amount of dye, anti-corrosion and anti algae ingredients to make 1 US gallon. No more buying large quantities of anti-freeze , dyes and other bizarre dangerous chemicals. This COOLant is made with non-lethal ingredients such as found in the newer environmentally safe antifreezes. No more over medicating your system to the point you decrease the cooling capacity of your water. These COOLants will make your system pop when viewed under black light.
What some of our customers are saying about us!
 “A+A+A+A+A+ Fast shipping…great service”

“Awesome! Item just what I needed. Great working with you!
Water block works really well and looks beautiful. Very good performance too!!!”

“item works good looks good installs easy will do bussiness again”

“Water block works really well and look very good. Arrived fast and packaged well
Super quick shipping!”

“Great product,, installed flawlessly, great looking, great shippin, just great.”

Coolant Comes in 1.5 oz. bottle. For use in a closed water-cooling system. Non lethal however it is not for human consumption. This product could stain clothing use precaution.

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